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About Soma Health Club

As a member of Soma Health Club, you'll be treated to the finest equipment, staff and amenities available anywhere. Whether your wish is to lose weight, increase or define muscle, build strength, reduce stress, improve sports performance or to simply feel your best, Soma Health Club offers you everything you need to achieve your goal! Our wide selection of state-of-the-art exercise machines and cardiovascular equipment, group exercise classes and certified personal trainers, coupled with luxurious aesthetics and rigorous attention to detail, allow Soma to excel in meeting your standards for the ideal fitness setting.

Open Daily

368 E Gun Hill Rd Bronx, NY 10467

Hours: Mon-Thu: 5am –11pm / Fri: 5am –10pm        

Sat: 7am –8pm / Sun: 8am –8pm

Phone: (718) 882-7662

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Personal Training

Personal training packages provide you with the unique opportunity to work one-on-one with a trained fitness professional focused on guiding you to the fulfillment of your fitness goals. Your personal trainer will serve as your coach, teacher and cheerleader throughout your personal training journey and will devise tailored workout plans specifically crafted to meet your immediate needs as well as your short and long term fitness goals. In addition, your Team Soma Trainer will offer guidance on proper form and will also offer you the motivation you need to remain accountable for meeting progress benchmarks. Personal training provides you with the knowledge and encouragement to maintain a healthy lifestyle while also helping you create a lasting foundation for continuing health and wellbeing.

Team Soma is proud to offer the finest trainers, equipment and techniques in its tailored series of personal training packages designed to address, meet and exceed its members' unique fitness goals. Thanks to their broad fitness knowledge and expertise, Soma trainers are certified to offer strategic guidance and coaching in a wide range of areas including weight loss, muscular development, sports conditioning and flexibility. Each of Soma's highly qualified trainers strives to create safe, effective and fun-filled workout programs that are tailored to fit the singular goals and needs of each client. Soma embodies the philosophy that true fitness and wellbeing is achieved by more than mere workout regimens but rather by lifestyle choices which include proper exercise form, nutrition, cardiovascular conditioning and recovery. Team Soma trainers provide individual, comprehensive training programs that are motivating, fun and increasingly challenging.

Our trainers certified and highly qualified.

Our trainers certified and highly qualified.