Fitness comes in many shapes and forms. Some are perfectly normal and reasonable such as jogging or bike riding. Others, however, are a bit more creative and unique. Like what, you ask? Here are a few unique fitness trends that have popped up in 2018.

Mermaid Classes

If you’ve ever wanted to be a mermaid, your dream can come true with the introduction of mermaid fitness classes. The newest trend in aqua fitness, mermaid classes include much more than just lazing around in a pool. These intense workout sessions combine swimming, aerobics, dance, and interval training- all while wearing a life-sized mermaid tail!


Similar to classes like Zumba, kangoo is a dance-focused intense workout class. It strays a bit off of the path, however, as attendees are made to wear specialized shoes that allow them to bounce like a kangaroo while working out. The workout focuses on cardio health and is great for the calve muscles, although it looks a bit silly.


Does the name of this trend ring a bell? It should- LazRfit gets its name from the lasers (the same ones that are used for laser tag) it uses. This workout is a combination of lazer tag and working out, as it has you running, jumping, crawling, and bragging to your buddies about how you won.

Twerking Classes

Twerking has been around for a while, but twerking classes are relatively new. Gyms across the country now offer professionally led twerking workouts that consist of sessions of twerking to upbeat music. The goal of these classes is to tone the glutes, thighs, calves and more.

Skateboarding Pilates

As if pilates wasn’t hard enough already, there are classes that have to add skateboards to it. The class has pilates fans using skateboards to support their body weight. Clearly dangerous, the classes creator, celebrity trainer Raphael Doub, is more than thrilled to teach it.

Hula Hoop Classes

Nowadays anything can be a fitness trend- including the favorite children’s activity that is hula hooping. Hula hooping, although seemingly simple, can be a hard pill to swallow, especially if you’re taking part in a cut-throat hula hooping (hooping) class. Hooping classes target the whole body, including the core, legs, and glutes. It also improves balance and strength.

Float Yoga

If you have a hard time with yoga on the ground, you may want to skip the ever-so-tempting float yoga. Float yoga is yoga on a surfboard in a large pool, forcing class goers to have perfect balance and graceful movements to avoid taking a dunk in the water.

Animal Yoga

Yoga makes it onto the list once again, but this time, consists of less water and more animals. Animal yoga is normal, mundane yoga, but with a twist- there are animals running all over the place. Animals that are commonly used for this type of yoga include goats, cats, and dogs.

What do you think? Will you be trying any of these wild fitness trends?