Today we offer a workout that combines bodyweight exercises and bodyweight training in a quick and fun way.

The bodyweight workout is designed to tone, improve endurance and burn fat and calories.

As we have already explained in our first post dedicated to bodyweight it is about using your body to train: so you do not need weights or special equipment, just the weight of your body!

  • Perform the workout by performing the exercises in the indicated sequence. The repetitions decrease with the progress of training
  • Practice at a high rate: try not to take breaks or at least never be completely still
  • It takes 20 minutes to complete the training

1 Jumping jacks
Pressed, spreading your arms and legs: open your legs, raise your arms upward, then lower your arms and close your legs. Repeat without stopping. 
– Make a series of 100 repetitions 

2 Crunch
Lie on your back, place your calves on the couch or on a chair, bending your knees. With the tips of the fingers touch the sides of the head and lift the shoulders from the mat: contract the abdominals, bringing the elbows to the chest, then return to the ground and repeat. Exhale during contraction and inhale during release. 
– Make a series of 90 reps 

3 Bodyweight squats
Standing, legs as wide as the shoulders, feet that point slightly to the outside. Put your hands in front of your chest, arms outstretched and go down with your buttocks, as if to sit on a chair, keeping your knees in line with your toes, your back straight, buttocks and abdominals firm. Go down until the thighs are parallel to the ground, then go up and repeat. 
– Make a series of 80 repetitions 

4 Leg
raises Lie on the ground back, legs outstretched, arms at your sides and hands on the ground. Start by lifting the heels off the ground and then slowly raising your legs to a 90-degree angle with the floor. Then slowly go down and repeat: do not pause and do not touch the heels on the ground. 
– Make a series of 70 repetitions

5 Jumping Jacks 
– Do a series of 60 repetitions 

6 Crunch 
– Make a series of 50 repetitions 

7 Bodyweight squats 
– Make a series of 40 repetitions 

8 Extensions of the knees
Sit on the ground, lean behind your back on your hands, bring your knees towards your chest , then stretch your legs, keeping them always lifted from the floor. 
– Make a series of 30 repetitions 

9 Bend with a jump
Lie on the ground on your stomach, resting your hands on the ground, on the side at the shoulders, and the tips of the feet. Hold the body in a straight line, then raise your arms until you can stretch them out: from this position, lower yourself slowly with your body straight, without touching the ground, inhaling, then exhaling, push with your arms and spread them out. With each repetition, raise your hands a little from the ground. Keep your elbows close to your body. 
– Make a series of 20 repetitions 

10 Burpee
– Make a series of 10 repetitions.